Ready to shoot...

For the last few months... I've been looking for a new camera bag. I know, I know.  Just what I need.  Another bag.

BUT, none of my other 1,000 bags have the capability of protecting my precious camera!

So I went out to find one.  And in Shreveport, that can be a struggle.  (We don't even have a camera store here.  I know, travesty)

But I found something that will work!  As my Auntie LeeAnn would say "Makin a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

What's that you say?  It looks kind of like a baby bag?
Why yes.  Yes it is.  And no, I'm not "preparing to use it for a baby".  This one is for my current baby.  My camera.

Out to take pictures for a little girls birthday party!
But here's how I see it.  It's durable (waterproof and wipes down easy if something were to spill on it).  It has a nice big open inside with the appropriate amount of pockets and zippers.  It is a fun floral, which who doesn't want a fun camera bag? 

So, there you go.  All I have to do is sew some little bumper pads to Velcro inside and on the bottom to give it a little "cushion" and lens protection.  I'll be good to go!


honeybeemama said...

girl! i use my diaper bag for TONS of stuff still. you're right, it's the big open part and he POCKETS! rock it!

Molly said...

How'd you take your picture if you're holding the camera in the picture? That's a pretty good trick.