Mom's Peach Pie...

I tell you... there is nothing better than a good peach pie.  Especially when your mother drives 6 hours to make you one.  Makes it even better. 
Peaches bought at the local farmers market

I love  handwritten recipe cards. 
So many times, I'm bringing print offs from Food Network.com to the kitchen to make a meal.  I just love when I can pull out a hand written recipe card.  Makes all the difference.  And I love my recipe box. 

This is the picture of good crust.  Crust dough that is mixed by hand.  Makes it extra special I think.

This pie dish was a wedding gift from our sweet friends the Mattocks'.  I was so excited to use it.  (To be honest, some of our wedding gifts are so nice I'm afraid to use them!)  But it was so fun to finally use this one, and to be christened by my mom's peach pie.

Rolling out the dough to cover the bottom of the dish.  (PS- I love my mom's freckly skin.)

So pretty with that ruffled edge.  Love it!

Pour in the ingredients... I can smell the peaches that have been juicing in a mixture of sugar and nutmeg.

Oh man that looks good.

Carefully covering the top...

After a little egg wash, sprinkle of sugar and a hand made cut "B" for Baker on the top... slits were made for the pie to vent and off to the oven!

Cooling... I love when there is juice oozzzing (technical word) out of the slits. 

Pie ready to be shared... which is not complete without Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream.  The best ice cream for peach pie.  (or any situation really).  I just love the feeling pies give you.  So comforting, and so informal yet works of art.  I loved having pies at our wedding and the reaction people had to them.  Each made by hand by my Mom and my Aunt LeeAnn.  Can you believe it?  They were gone in seconds.

What is your favorite thing to bake with family or for family?  I'd love to know!  I'd love to add more recipe cards to my box ;) 


Three Pink Dots said...

I feel like im at home.

honeybeemama said...

oh my gracious!! that is the SWEETEST pie pan i've ever seen. i thought i was madly in love with my pampered chef stoneware one, but it does NOT have those pretty little ruffles. *jealous*

Valerie said...

Believe it or not, the cherry pie recipe on the Jiffy Pie Crust box is really stinkin' good. I've made it twice now after a little birdie told me about it, and I won't be making any other versions of cherry pie anytime soon.

Love your blog!
(your wedding pianist)

Jack said...

I love making a good gumbo with the fam. Same warm feeling. And it's almost time! YAY for cooler weather and yay for pie!!!!

Jack said...

Oops. I hate it when I do that. "Jack" was actually me, Candace Chaney. Jack is the hubby.

Jack said...

He might actually say yay for pie though. ;)

Molly said...

The only handwriting that I have of my mom's is on a recipe card! It's for green bean casserole.