Here's the scoop...

This past Saturday, I had a very fun photo shoot.  A two year old's birthday party!

She was showing us that she's two!  At least, she's trying really hard to!

We had the best time... and in addition to ice cream, there was a balloon man too.  So much fun!

The mom had the cutest little treats for everyone.  Little ice cream bowls.  Darling!

But these are my favorite of the day.  So precious!

Happy Birthday!  Thank you for letting me come to your party!


Katie Clay said...

Good job, Sarah!

Candace said...

I know that little Camille (or at least I know her parents). Big sis Caroline went to school with Zeke for a while, too. Small world, this Shreveport is.

GREAT pics! LOVE them. Well done!!!

And PS- I added you to my friend blog list. I was kind of waiting until I met you for real, but I figured our friendship will be inevitable and true, so I just went ahead.

Luwanna said...

As you well know I always keep up with your blog, because I LOVE IT!!! When I looked I knew I had seen this beautiful child somewhere else! Kathryn and I worked "laterally" with each other at the hospital and also Kathryn's sister, Emily and Jordan are best of friends from Byrd and LSU and Jacob sang at Kathyrn's SUPRISE
"30th" birthday! I always get on to her for not having pictures of those beautiful girls so now I have my own connection. You did a great job and the pictures are beautiful, you captured the party perfectly!! I know Kathyrn was pleased. You will be famous one day I know! Keep blogging!

Love ya,
Aunt Lu