Fall? Are you there?

Lets talk about how wonderful 30 degrees difference makes.  I feel as though I could run a mile (and not on an elliptical machine), do yard work without passing out, get up early... none of which I have done since the weather has changed... but still.  I feel as though I COULD do those things. 

I did drive with my windows down... and you know what that means?  FALL IS Here!

With this shift in weather (Which could last all of 3 days) I am suddenly ready to put on my tall boots, throw on a scarf and visit a pumpkin patch.  Who's with me?

So, in preparation of Fall... I need to be prepared.  Remember how I'm still not good at this Pinterest thing?  Well, here are some of the pics I've saved lately of things I like.  Crafts, decor, food... everything.  Random Friday, Random Fall themed ideas...

So...I would like to make this belt... just because it is darling and needs to join my wardrobe...  Don't you think it's doable?  Yes.
I'd like a fun Fall wreath for our front door...

And I'd really like to find something easy to sew on my sewing machine... and I found this fun project for the new mommies I know!  Such cute burp cloths!!!! I could TOTALLY do these.  Now... which one of my mommy friends is going to get one... hmmmm....


I need some Fall decor around this house... I love this look.  I love the silver trophy cups.  Definitely on the look out for those at Estate Sales!

I'm also looking for some fun engagement session ideas... as I have a shoot coming up in October for a friend here in Shreveport!  So excited!

And last but NOT least... I needed some fun Fall Football Foods.  Lots of football is about to embark on our home and I'd like to have some fun snacks around. 

Chili Bites.  Goodness.  Via

Meatball sub with caramelized onions.  Yes please.  Via.
And how hilarious is this?

Have a great weekend everyone! 


DJ said...

If you find a pumpkin patch, I'll be right there with you in my tall boots!

honeybeemama said...

i want that belt!! you have to make it. i'd make one, but i don't think i'd ever know what to wear with it. and as if my fashion wasn't already in jeapardy, i'm moving into mom wear and wearing my jockey pants most of the time, yikes!