Copy Cat Cake Balls...

My sweet Stephen knows me well... 

I love when he buys me little treats ;)

Like Cake Balls from Starbucks...

They were good, but I told Stephen... "I could make those and make them better" (Mom - don't I sound just like you?)

Anyway, I saw this treat as a challenge. 

Oh yes, I do believe so.  Starbucks has got nothin on my cake balls.  Plus, my marshmallows are bigger. (Not by choice.  It's all they have at the Brookshires.)  But still... I think they give my little treats an advantage.

Recipe for Copy Cat Rocky Road Cake Balls:

1 box Chocolate Cake Mix (I prefer Betty Crocker over Pillsbury.  I've tested this... )
1 can of vanilla icing (thick and creamy seems to work the best, rather than whipped... but I've used both)
Chocolate melting bars
Eggs, Oil, Water
Toppings:  Crushed Peanuts, Mini Marshmallows

  • Bake Cake according to the directions on the box.  Let it cool slightly, to where you can handle it.
  • Take a fork and "shred" through the cake until it's completely crumbled.  Add icing (I use about 3/4 of the can) and mix until your cake resembles a batter.  ( I do all of this in the pan it baked in.  Less clean up)

  • Roll into balls on wax paper (I use a mini ice cream scooper so they are uniform)
(Place tray of balls in the freezer while you clean up and chop your peanuts.  Gives the balls time to set, making them easier to dip)
  • Melt your chocolate bars in a large bowl
  • Dip each ball and place on another sheet of wax paper
  • Quickly top with chopped peanuts and mini marshmallows before the chocolate dries

Done!  You can place them on a stick by dipping the stick in the melted chocolate and letting the stick dry inside the cake ball (making it more sturdy) or leaving them as truffles.  Both are scrumptious.

(And these are much cheaper than the Starbucks version... batch yields about 40 balls, and costs under $10 to make the entire batch.  Deal!)

Enjoy ;)


honeybeemama said...

yes!!!! THANK YOU for a recipe! i will be trying these next family night for sure!! oh, i'm so excited. why don't you live in tulsa any more so you can make these for my wedding? :( will you send me some for my wedding present? pretty please with cake balls on top?