Visitors from the North...

Mom and Dad... thanks for coming to visit the Baker Hotel...

We loved having you ;)  I'm sorry all we did was eat.  I live in the South now.  It's how we show people we love them.

Last weekend, my parents came to visit.  We had the best time ;)  I tried to get them to move here by showing them every single house for sale in our neighborhood... but it didn't work.  I'll try again next trip ;)

For dinner when they arrived, Stephen and I made pork chops, which we cooked in a lemon cream sauce, and paired it with tortellini and roasted asparagus.  I served everything on the most amazing placemats that we got for our wedding.  They are monogrammed with a gorgeous B on them.  I need to take a picture of just the placemats... they are fabulous!

The next morning, we got up and I made home made french toast.  I introduced Mom to Blackburn syrup.

Man that stuff is good.  Have you had it?  It's made in Jefferson, TX which is about an hour from Shreveport.

We then headed out to the Farmers Market.  I love how each week, there are different vendors and new things to discover.

My dad discovered the bbq sauce people.  Babee Blue's BBQ.  They had free ribs.  Can you see the excitement on his face?

Gosh it smelled amazing.

We did get to eat some ribs... and even though I'm not the biggest ribs fan... they were really good.  Plus, they were really pretty too.

I think...

He liked them.  Yep.  We have found a winner.

After the free ribs, I found these darling little quail eggs.  I wanted some just to decorate with.  I know I know, that's wrong... but you all know how much I hate eating eggs, so why not decorate with them?  They're so little and precious!

And then, Dad found free sausage.  He's like a magnet to free meat.

It was really good though.  My first time to try boudin.  Pretty good stuff.

After the farmers market, we ran around town... and then (I know this sounds crazy) but we ate AGAIN.

I had to take them to our favorite Poboy Express... 

They loved it (who wouldn't) and then we headed to see The Help. (Best.Movie.Ever)  But, on our way... we found an estate sale.

I know... my perfect day was complete.

I walked in and immediately saw these two watercolor prints.  At $18 each and everything half off... they were comin home with me ;)  I love them!  Now I just need to find new frames and we'll have some more artwork!  Love it!

We had a great weekend... and I was really sad to see them leave.  I'm afraid we ate too much but c'est la vie!  I can't wait to have them come back... but I'm afraid it will take a lot to top this weekend!