Sticker Party...

This post goes out to girls like me... who used to scrapbook.

And by scrapbook, I mean the old fashioned kind.  Before they got all fancy.  Before there were scrapbook stores, groups, clubs.  My scrapbook club consisted of me and my best friend Sasha hitting up Hobby Lobby when their stickers were half off and we could buy a bunch of "themed" paper and stickers to match our latest and greatest adventures.  (I still own tennis ball paper.  Why?  I still don't know.  Maybe I wanted to plan ahead in case one of our outings included an impromptu tennis match.)

We had so many adventures and I had a sticker to go with every single one of those moments.

Stickers were all the rage.

What does someone like me, that is say, almost 30, do with all these left over stickers?

I've found a solution.  Make artwork.


I found this girl who makes WALLPAPER out of millions of random stickers.  Her name is Peyton Turner and she was featured on Little Green Notebook this week.  (awesome blog by the way)



I have so many thoughts.

1.  That would take WAY too much time to wallpaper with stickers.
2.  I can't imagine selling our house.  "Yes  ma'am, this is a custom stickered wallpaper.  Here's some Goo-Gone.
3.  That would take a lot of Hobby Lobby sales to buy that many stickers.


But on the other hand, I give it to her!  How different!  How cool!  The stickers arranged in such a way look awesome from a-far.  And pretty interesting close up.  But I kind of love it ;)

I definitely love the single vignette she made, that is framed.  I think would be such a fun little piece of artwork in a child's room. 


My point.  I have a lot of stickers from circa 1999 when I was in the height of my scrapbooking days.  I think I might start pulling them out to see what fun creation I can put together.  I'll let you know how it goes.  ;)


Shannon said...

I used to scrapbook too! I probably have tons of these old stickers. I can't imagine trying to sell the house either!

jennp said...

oh my! Kind of crazy and kind of amazing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

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Missy said...

1. my jaw is on the floor
2. how on earth do you still have all these stickers? i barely know where half the things i own are because of my LAST move, not to mention ALL the moves i've had since 7th grade. you're impressive girl.
3. i fully expect to see a post wiht your artwork :)