Shreveport finds on Craigslist...

I really do love Craigslist.  There are days that I wish Shreveport had a better Craigslist, but today, I felt like I found some more fun finds than normal.  Check these out!  I want them all, but I don't necessarily neeeeeeed them, so if I could play a role in putting these pieces into a good home, I would feel better.

Click the image to go to the craigslist page. 

Darling bedroom suite.  Includes side table and headboard.  I love the bamboo detail along with the hardware.  So cute! And for all three pieces, it's only $100!

I love the simplicity of this table.  The ad says the glass is in perfect condition.  $40!  Do you know how much glass costs these days?

I would like this for my kitchen.  I'd white wash it, put new pulls on it and put a piece of marble on top for another little station in our kitchen.  I wonder if it's too big to put little legs on it too?  Hmmmm.  $75!

I know this is a stretch, but just listen.  You know all those darling photo shoots in the middle of fields?  Ok, picture this, with big aqua pillows.  And a cute child.  In fun brightly colored clothing.  So fun!  And it's a steal, at $30.  Another reason I wish we had a truck.

I think I'm going to inquire about the little kitchen cabinet.  Wish me luck!  If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture for your home, let me know and I'll keep an eye out for you!  I love checking out other craigslists in other cities.  It's just fun to see what is out there!  If you live in a big city, the options are endless!


Katie Clay said...

Oooh, I want that couch!