Pinterest Peer Pressure

I'm feeling the peer pressure.

I had one of those days last week where I was finding all sorts of ideas for our home renovation exxxxstravaganza.  (It.Never.Seems.To.End.)  I wanted to show Stephen all my ideas... but they were no where to be found on my computer.  If only they were saved online, grouped together in a nice little organized area.  Huh. 

Last summer.  Painting.  We're still painting.  We will still be painting this time next year, I'm sure.  (He's so cute... He make me smile.  I don't mind painting when it's with this cute one.)
Anyway, I know I should do Pinterest to store all my fun ideas I find online for our house.  I know I know I know.  But I'm just overwhelmed and it scares me because I get easily addicted to things and that looks like an addiction.  (For instance, from the moment I got engaged and I met the Style Me Pretty wedding blog, it was over.  I was surfing on their wonderfulness every morning.  It's bad, it's wrong, but it was so good.)

Maybe after this weekend (we have visitors coming!!!!) I can sign up for Pinterest.  Until then, here are my recent finds that I'm loving.  Oh, and I'm not sure where they are from.  I need to be better about saving links... I apologize blog world.  Please forgive me.  I'm sure if I used Perfect Pinterest it would save the link rather than just the image.  Ugh, I know, it's wonderful.

I really like the four frames running vertical against the fireplace.  Simple, clean, and I love it.

This was a small kitchen redo I found on Country Living (I think).  How darling?  I love everything about the kitchen.  Including the small baby.  I love babies.

We have a similar (if not exact) set up in our library.  I'd love to eventually have a seat made for the area between the bookcases.  Such a perfect place to encourage reading and less TV!  (but not less So You Think You Can Dance.  Tonight is the finale.  I'm so excited.)

 I love the coloring in this room.  So inviting and calming.  Love.

Random alert.  I love this idea.  Do you know how much ribbon I own?  Lets just say I could use a COUPLE of these little baskets. I'm virtually a hobby lobby.

Ok, this is a nursery.  I know you can't tell, but I can't find the other picture I saved.  The other side of the room has a darling white crib.  What I love about this room is it's so simple, clean, can be adapted as the child grows and it looks organized, modern, and I LOVE the curtains.  Such a fun change of pace for a nursery.  (No Mom, we're not needing to turn a room into a nursery yet.  Not YET).

 I want the chairs and I want the fireplace screen thingy.  Please.

I love the big artwork.  I feel like I could make it.  You should see the large watercolor sheet I bought this week because I really think I could make something cool.  We'll see how that turns out ;)

I really need to find the girl who made these because I LOVE them!  She made them and I feel awful not giving her credit.  If I discover where I found it, I'll repost.  How darling do those ribbons make those frames? 

I'm re-doing our guest room (re-doing makes it sound like it was previously done, which is not the case.  I'm starting from scratch really.  Blank blank canvas with blue carpet (soon to be ripped up).  Anyway, see the orange bolsters?  I have that duvet.  I might be cutting up the duvet to make some pillows.  So fun!

Ok, that's all I have for today.  I can't wait to post pics of our new guest bathroom.  We're almost done.  I see the light.  And I see the paint that I can't get off my fingernails.  Might HAVE to go get a manicure.  Darn.


katie said...

You must (MUST) join Pinterest. You'd seriously love it and it comes in SO handy. xo

Laura @ The Steen Style said...

I'm actually surprised you're not on Pinterest, it is right up your alley!! You will love it, promise.