Here in Shreveport, there is this awesome little place called Counter Culture.  It's one of those places that you can get all sorts of great sandwiches, ranging from Stephen's favorite (Avocado delight) to my favorite (chopped chicken sandwich). 

It's just a guaranteed good time.

The reason it's a good time (in  my books) is not entirely left to the sandwich selection.

But to the frozen yogurt treat they offer, called The Humphrey.

This is the face of a happy girl!  Lunch with my hubby and a Humphrey?  Perfection!

Luckily, this delicious treat is made of the good kind of frozen yogurt, so it's actually not that bad for you!  With lots of granola, honey, chopped bananas, grapes and strawberries, it just adds to the goodness.  Can you think of anything better in this heat?

Go get one today or make one at home!  Just get some really good vanilla frozen yogurt and add fresh fruit, granola and honey.  You will be in heaven.

Enjoy ;)


Emily said...

I looooooove frozen yogurt! How can you tell if it's the 'good kind' or the 'bad kind'??

Sarah Baker said...

Well, they have this sign up that says "Super 8 Yogurt" and mentions something about good cultures, fat free, low calories, no articfical sweetners, and lots of other stuff. They must make it there. It's so good. I'm sure it's the same as other froyo other places though... who knows. All I know is it tastes so good and I don't feel guilty eating it!

Missy Rose said...

girl, that is up there with mod's in the afternoon and you know it! i seriously want some.