Hair woes...

This morning was a sad morning... my hair straightener has died.

(insert tears)

Most of you who know me, know that I have slightly unruly, semi curly (not the pretty kind) hair.  My hair is the kind that I "can" leave curly, but that look is better served when I am not seeing any living soul in public. 

Straight is just better for me...

I was even able to get my hair straight in New Orleans for our engagement shoot.  It rained shortly after our session, so you can imagine how humid it was. 

Anyway, my straightener had a long run.  I bought my fake "chi" for $40 in 2004 (thought I was crazy at the time) and it has lasted me 7 years almost. 

(I remember the first time I used a straightener.  I was a sophomore in college.  I had gone out of town with a whole bunch of girls and someone had a Chi.  You should have seen me.  My once frizzy, dried with a round brush hair, was flat.  So flat, my mom said I looked like a wet dog.  I couldn't stop touching it.  It felt like silk.  Greasy silk by the end of the day due to my obsession with touching it.  I've grown out of that obsession now, thank goodness.)

Anyway, I did the math.  If I've straighted my hair on average 5 days a week, I've used my dead as a doornail straightener 1,820 times.  (and it's cost me $.02 each time I do my hair.  Ha! Not bad!) 

I'm just trying to rationalize my upcoming purchase of a real chi.  It's time.  I live in humid zone... I need all the help I can get.

But at over $100, it's going to cost me.  (I hope this one lasts longer than the last one!)

The price of beauty.  (I just hope I can find a coupon!)

Happy weekend ;) 


matt & bethanne said...

I'm with you girl! My hair dries a funky wavey mess. Not cute. I'm not sure how close you are with your hair stylist, but you might ask her before you buy a Chi. She may be able to get you a discount. My girl in Stillwater was able to save me a few bucks since she got a discount at the beauty supply store. I just paid her instead of paying retail!

Laura @ The Steen Style said...

got mine on ebay for $45!!! came in the box with chi warranty and everything.