Trip to our Farmers Market...

Mr. Stephen and I discovered our new and revamped local Farmer's Market this weekend.  If you're in Shreveport, you've got to go. 

Need I say more than this?

All I could think of is the awesome pizza I could top these little babies off with. 

Yes, those are yellow tomatoes.  I asked.
I was burning up (could have been that I wouldn't take off my blue and white stripped cardi.  It was part of my patriotic themed outfit.) so I got a snocone. The snocone man adorned my neck with a partiotic flower necklace.  My outfit was complete!

I wanted a little bear so bad.  Aren't they so cute?

I just had to take a picture of this family.  I have sympathy.  I too had to dress like my sibling.  They were enjoying some of the live music.  They're so cute!  I applaud their patriotic spirit.
She saw my snocone.  She wanted one I bet.

Such a cute little local band.  They did awesome! 

It was a great time at the Shreveport Farmer's Market.  If you live in the area, you've got to go.  They have a ton of local produce, grass fed meats (but you have to get there early to get it!) and just a great atmosphere for a Saturday morning.  Downtown Shreveport... the place to be!