Say it with me... tortellini...

Who's glad it's Friday?  ME!

Who had an amazing dinner tonight with a new recipe?  ME!

Earlier this week, I posted this recipe from Giada, but I decided to make a slight change.  It calls for Penne but I decided to use Tortellini, because it's my favorite and sounded more exciting than Penne (nothing against Penne.)  I also used spinach instead of arugula. 

It was so good.  And guess what?

There was a sauce!  Mr. Stephen was sooooooo happy.

And so was I.  I ate every bit!  It has a lemon butter sauce, with Parmesan, pine nuts, spinach and tomatoes.

So wonderful.

I doubled the pasta (2 packages of tortellini).  Sauce was perfect for this amount of pasta.  I added capers to Stephen's dish (I don't do capers)

And there were leftovers!   That makes me so happy...

Have a wonderful Friday!


Missy Rose said...

oh yum! can you make that with whole wheat tortellini so i can enjoy a south beach version? do they MAKE whole wheat toretellini??