Patriotic Randomness...

This Fourth has been very relaxing for the Baker household.  Lots of movies, home projects and cooking.  Tonight, we've fixed a pulled pork (the house smells di-vine), and soon, we'll be able to watch all those fabulous fireworks specials on TV since there is a burn ban in effect. (I don't mind being in doors you know... 103 degree weather is not for me.)

I found this cute little guy at an antique mall on Saturday.  Isn't he so festive?  Stephen was not quite understanding my love...but he's old, he's cute, he's patriotic, and he came home with me.  He'll be put in a cute place next year, when I have my act together on decorating our new house.

Little action shot... you put a coin in his hand and it drops it into the bank! 

This is my favorite find from a few year's back.  It's a soybean sack, but it's perfect for a table runner during the holidays, or someday, I'll make a pillow out of it or frame it.  It's in perfect condition and I love that it says FAITH really big at the top.  Awesome.

On a random note (sorry..) I finally bought the Bamboo pen and touch pad.  It's awesome!  My dad had one and since I've been doing more with photography, it was perfect for what I was wanting to do.  You can use the pad to edit images, write on images, or do all sorts of fun things!  I made a signature for the end of my blog posts.  Hope you like.


And lastly, you know that awesome Estate Sale I blogged about last week?  Well, Stephen is selling some of the albums he bought and I took pictures of each one this weekend.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

How darling would this one be framed in a little girls room?  I love it... and I love Judy Garland...

And this next one... is not being sold.  I told Stephen we had to keep it, as I would LOVE to theme a nursery around this one (can't you picture it?  Globes and travel things all around the room and this framed on a wall?)

Love it!

Hope you had a fabulous Fourth!  I'm off to make some guacamole!  Yum!