Lunch dates with the Hubbs...

As most of you know... Stephen has been working in Shreveport so we get to have lunch together.  We are normally very good and eat at home (left overs, lean cuisines, the usual) but today we had to get out...

I've passed this little place a million times since moving to Shreveport.  It is always packed and when something is always packed, it must be good.  And Po-Boy.... it was.

Po-Boy Express.  You walk in and every wall is covered in LSU memorabilia.  Stephen loved it.  You've got to Geaux!  (ha).

We ate it so fast I didn't even get a picture of our po-boys.  My parents are coming to visit soon and we'll have to take them.  We'll get a pic then.  Best I've had so far.

After lunch, we hit up one of our favorite little spots to antique here in Shreveport.  It's called Caboose Antiques and they get regular shipments from Europe... which means their treasures are normally out of our price range, but so fun to look at.  One day, we'll find a deal ;)  I just like looking and getting inspired for now.  Here's what we found today:

Awesome old trunk with my favorite... nail heads.  It was in great condition too, but you could tell it was old and had so many fun stories to tell.  Don't you wish antiques could tell their story?  It could have been at the foot of the bed of some royal.  Who knows. 

Love this.  Love the glass and the distressed wood finish.

They had a ton of crests.  I was looking for one that said Baker.  No luck.  Wouldn't these be cute in a little boys room?

SOLD!  This is the very old little painting we bought for a steal.  It's old and has a signature on the back with words in French that say something like "The Pines by the sea in June".  We're going to frame it and hang in our living room (all the same colors, perfect!)

I love wood lamp bases.  I really need my dad to learn how to make these.  Come on dad... you need another project don't you?  We could make some killer dough.  They sell for like, $350.  Bank.

I loved this bench with the barley twist legs and the nail heads and the gray linen upholstery.  Won-derful.

I could look at old books all day.  Again.  The stories they could tell about how they got in such rugged condition!  Were they well loved?  Stuck in an attic?  On the shelf of a novelist?  We'll never know.

I LOVE farm tables, don't you?  They're so rugged and just feel good when you sit at them.  I want one just to have outside to serve meals in our yard.  My mom just bought one for that very reason.  Me=jealous.

I know this is nothing special, but I love the colors in these dishes.

So pretty! 

Love anything with chicken coop wire.  Rustic, but can be so elegant at the same time!

I took this for my grandmother.  She doesn't read my blog, but maybe my mom will show her this picture.  She loves needlepoint... and she needs another one like I need another "bag".  But she deserves all the needlepoint she wants.  Grandmas always do.

We found an old yearbook from Byrd High here in Shreveport, from the 30's.  How precious is this?

I hope you all have a great weekend and do something fun ;)  We'll catch up next week.  We have a fun weekend planned.  Excited to share next week!


Missy Rose said...

you know, i've never had a po'boy? believe it. i LOVE the trunk, love the blue willow dishes on the farm table and those colorful dishes you pointed out. love YOU!