Fadi's and Family...

Let me introduce you to....  Fadi's. Have ya'll met?

This weekend, on Sunday, our family met at Fadi's for lunch and one last hoorah before we parted ways. 

Fadi's is an amazing Mediterranean restaurant in Dallas, have you experienced it yet?  I think they have locations other places but Shreveport is not one of them, sadly.  (but we do have Athena.  Yummm) But they don't have Shwarmas. 

Shwarmas are amazing, wonderful, fabulous Mediterranean wraps.  They can be with chicken (our personal favorite) or with lamb. The meat is cooked on a spit.  (Que My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote:  "What?  What you mean you don't eat no meat?  That's ok, I make you lamb")  I love that movie.

Tate had not experienced a shwarma before.  Crazy I tell you.

He loved it! 

Fun story.  Stephen and I had one of our first dates at Fadi's.  It was such a fun lunch, I was in heaven with a shwarma and him beside me.  We shared a veggie plate and split a shwarma.  He had me at hello Hummus. 

We also celebrated Lauren, Dad's and my birthday.  I gave Lauren this darling tray with their initials. (don't you love it?)  It was really just because I wanted one but I couldn't go and buy myself an acrylic monogram tray without getting her one.  She needed to have one if I had one...

It's what sisters do.

She got me some awesome photography books...  me=love photography books or anything to do with my new obsession.

Dad was up next. 

Dad's been experimenting with his new rotisserie, but had some issues with flavor.  Stephen and I found a solution called a Marinade Injector.  Have you ever heard of such a thing? Sounds awesome doesn't it?  Anything that shoots juice into grilled meat sounds like a good choice to me.

Speaking of grilling... Have you see Steve Raichlen on PBS?  (Yes, we watch PBS... ohhh, we love America's Test Kitchen).
Steve Raichlen

Anyway, Steve Rachien is worth watching even though he's a little different.  Yes, he wears transitional lenses during his cooking show (and looks like all the time from the fuzzy picture above).  (Let me tell you, transitional lenses never transition.  Exhibit A, above)

His grill skills are top notch.  And even though we don't have a pizza oven, we dream of the day and learn from him so we're prepared to make a mean Margarita pizza.

Texas Best Gas Station (but it's way more than a gas station)

Back to our trip to Dallas. 

On our way back to Shreveport, I insisted that if we stopped, we stop at a Texas Best.  Up until this point, I will stand by my love for QuickTrip.  Best gas station on the planet.  (But this Texas Best place will have to do when you don't have QT) 

Texas Best smells like bar-b-que heaven. (Steve Raichlen would love it!)  They have an entire section devoted to beef jerky.  They also have clean bathrooms and great snack selections.  Like beef jerky.

Can I tell you when I last had beef jerky?  New Life Ranch Camp, 1994.

This stuff is amazing.  Much better than stuff I got at camp.  Man... Stephen and I had to put it in the backseat before we ate all of it before leaving the parking lot.

Anyway, our trip to Dallas was a blast.  I will say though, that I'm definitely not used to that traffic.  When I only drive a mile to and from work, including the grocery store... driving 75 on a freeway that has 5 lanes sure does stress a girl out.  And to think, I used to drive that everyday.  And use my horn.

People don't use their horns in Shreveport.  It's been a hard habit to kick, but I can say I do like the change.  My car has less aggression issues.  She's much happier.


DJ said...

haha we went to Dallas this weekend and stopped at that smokehouse twice! It really is amazing.

Chicken Fried Gourmet said...

We always stop at the one right before you get to Tyler on our trips to Dallas.

Taylor said...

Quick Trip is pretty much the best gas station in the entire world. I am hoping they open one in Austin one day. So many drink combos, so little time and don't even get me started on the Smores flavored hot chocolate.