A European Lunch...

Saturday, before the fabulous wedding we went to, we had a fabulous lunch with friends.  Our sweet friends, the Lindstroms, treated us to the what I would call a European lunch... it made us feel as though we were sitting outside of a cottage in Italy.

Gina had prepared Gazpacho that was so refreshing and light.  It was the perfect start to this summer lunch.

Stephen has asked that we start eating this for every meal going forward. 

I'm ok with this.

She even had caprese salad and fresh fruit, which was perfect with the 100+ degree heat outside.  Everything was amazing.  Can you think of a better lunch during this heat?  I cannot.

Stephen and I had fun company during our lunch too ;)

These sweet friends are so precious.  The girls had to run off to go swimming, but we got them for a little bit ;)  Oh to be thirteen again.

Or nine...

We had a little visitor to our lunch...

Pugsy and Daisy (their precious pugs) love to party.

I miss this family.  Can you tell?

Especially when it requires being silly ;)

So, what is your favorite meal to fix in this heat?  I need some menu ideas.  It's 120+ outside.  I can't think clearly.


Missy Rose said...

the hole in the salami reminds me of the very hungry caterpillar! what kind of cheese was that? it all looks delicious!