"Bee" informed...

As most of you know, I'm sort of new to this whole Blogging world.  I've been reading blogs since I discovered Pioneer Woman a few years back (still love her... did you know she's getting her own Food Network show?  Could have called that one from a mile away) and followed countless wedding blogs since my best friend got married (obsession I tell you).  Style me Pretty was visited 3 times a day for a while there.  I had a problem.

But now that I'm a blogger... I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't ever want to blog just to blog.  I want to keep to my reason for starting this blog to begin with. 

My Journey to the South...

My love...

I started this blog so that my family and bestest friends would be able to share my super duper new life in Shreveport.  I wanted to be able to share photos, and not feel as far from those I love.  Through this blog, I wanted to track my new engagement (now marriage). 

Officially The Bakers!

I wanted to blog about cooking and baking (since my last name is now Baker)

Can you imagine weighing all your ingredients to bake?  I love my vintage scale... but not for baking.

My glorious non working oven.  Well, the right side heats up nice.  From the bottom.

I wanted to talk about how great this city is that I live in, as I myself did not know where it was until 2 years ago (is it close to New Orleans?)  No. 

Flowers from one of our walks around our neighborhood in Shreveport

Out to dinner in Shreveport
So, in an effort of becoming a better blogger... I frequently find blogs that I can learn from.  Photography blogs, cooking blogs, home decor blogs, rantings of women who are great writers and creatives, who have so much to teach me, as a little blogging baby.

I found a great resource today.

This website is great because it is a free listing for bloggers, by category.  I signed up, and will be listed in the "Nesting" category (as I didn't know what category I fell into... they didn't exactly have a category called "girl moves to the South").

The Blog Guidebook also has great resources.  Tons of tutorials to teach you how to do those pesky little edits to the blogger template, how to make your blog better, and how to promote your blog (among other things).  They even have a glossary of blog terms (that normal people like me don't always know)  For instance, what is a Captcha?  Well, it's that form you have to fill out to verify that you're a human and not a computer (normally with crazy letters and numbers).  (I get these wrong all the time.  What does that say about me?)

Anyway, this website also offers you a blog critique, and a blog makeover.  Love it!  If you're a blogger, I definitely reccomend using their resources and getting listed in their directory.  It's a great way to find other blogs that you can learn from!

Just wanted to share the love ;)  Plus, I heart their logo... it's bee-utiful.  I need an official button logo thingy (technical term).  I guess that should be my next step in becomming a better blogger!