The Tappan has Tapped Out...

We have an issue with our oven.  It's an issue that cannot, and will not, be fixed.  I'm really sad about it.

I've talked about our old house several times.  But lets recap.

Built in 1947.
We're the second owners.
The woman who lived her before hand polished her wood floors until she was 80.
I have yet to hand polish anything.
She must have liked to cook, as she installed a Tappan oven.  It has a drawer with the burners in it.  See above image.
Elvis had the same oven.
This oven is original to the house.
This oven is my enemy now.
It has broken and can't be fixed.

I had a real fantasy of becoming this woman.  I would wear a vintage house dress and cook for crowds in my Tappan oven.

Our oven.  Taken when we bought the house.  Man, it's a lot cleaner than when we got a hold of it...
 My bubble has been burst.  The repair man says that it can not be fixed.  SAD!

So now we must replace it.  Which causes us to redo cabinets.  Which will cause our counter tops to be redone.  If we redo counter tops, we might as well get a new dishwasher since it's also from the stone age.  And while we're at it, a new sink. 

The list goes on.

I thought I might be able to survive on a crock pot/microwave diet for a while, but I think something must be done.  Stephen needs a good meal.  He's a growing boy.

So the adventure begins. 

Someone give me a wand so I can wave it and make it all appear finished.

And make this appear: