I love lamp...

Can you believe June is almost over? 

I can't.

June has been fun though.

Parachute game at the boys birthday party this last weekend...

For a while now, we've been trying to find the perfect decor for our living room.  I do believe we're finally on the right track!

Our house as we went through with the realtor
The room before, was painted a dark blue and was very cramped. 


Our new Mercury Glass lamps along with our Jute rug and new neutral sofa.

I love our consignment table find... and the awesome atlas from an estate sale here in Shreveport. 

We still plan on upholstering my little arm chair and ottoman.  I can't wait to find the fabric!

One of our favorite finds... was actually all Stephen.  He found the vintage Canadian school map at an antique shop here in Shreveport.  He brought it home and it was still on the roll down bar from a classroom.  We waited for half off framing at Hobby Lobby... and we had our own framed Canada map.  We've both decided it would be a great place to move. Great weather, Sarah's House is filmed there (LOVE HER) and there seems to be some pretty awesome shopping.  Sign me up.

O Canada...
We still have a bit to go. I need to add some frames and we have some open wall space near the door.  We're still further than we were with the blue walls.  Thank goodness!

I love that the desk I did my homework on as a child, is now sitting in our living room.  We added all our vintage blue books to the shelves, along with a few white pieces.

Media credenza with our new lamp (from Target!)  I think it's perfect for this little corner in our living room.  I love the burlap shade.

On another note, here are some recent pics I've taken lately.  Thought you might like them. I think they're pretty cool.

Paula's Buttermilk pie on Father's day.  It was really good!  I've never had Buttermilk Pie. 

Hope you had a great Monday.  I'm ready for the weekend already, this might be a long week!



Martha Love said...

Love the pictures of your adorable "cottage" (& yes, I like the term in spite of Stephen's opinion!) It fits your home preciously! And the pictures of Ben & Will's party are just wonderful! I know Molly appreciates you two being such a help for the weekend. It was lovely to meet you both.
GrandMartha Love

Anonymous said...

So pretty Sarah!

Valerie said...

Sarah, I can tell you've got that amazing decorating knack that seems to run in your family. Like mother, like daughters! I've really enjoyed discovering your blog. :) And now I'm going to have to beg your mom to take me to estate sales as well because you all find the most amazing things!

Mom's the Word said...

Sarah, Beth Colby here, living in Canada now. You've got it all wrong about Canada -- great weather? No. Great shopping? No. Though Sarah's Cottage is pretty cool. Perhaps you're talking about the western side of Canada? Please clarify! :)