I love birthday parties...

Today wasn't my birthday... but Stephen and I went to a really fun birthday party.

Happy birthday Ben and Will!

(Fact:  Ben calls my Sariah.  He can't quite get it right.  I love it)

We had the best time shooting pics and video for our sweet friends so they could enjoy their little ones during the party.  Here are some pics from today.  I took almost 800 pictures!  I love my new lens :)  Can you tell?

This adorable little girl walked around with her hands folded behind her back the entire time.  I thought it was so cute!

Love his sweet little outfit!

Her little Bubble.  Sooooo something I will put my little girl in one day.

Ben is a little shy.. and if he saw me taking his picture, he'd smile and turn his head.  So precious.

Ben and Will's Great Grandparents.  How sweet are they?
  Thank you for allowing us to share your day!