Fun Food for the Fourth...

I have a love affair with food.  We have the Food Network on at home at all times (if So You Think You Can Dance is not on... which Stephen does not LOVE as much as I do.  I don't understand.)  We love Chopped and we think a party where we compete against friends and make dinner with secret ingredients would be so much fun.  We love Giada, especially when she says words with an Italian accent... and plus... I feel as though I'm part Italian as I could eat pasta or pizza for every meal.

Needless to say, the Bakers like to Bake AND Cook AND Eat.  We do have cheater nights when we make our Hormel Roast Beef au Jus.  Microwave for 4 minutes and it's awesome.  Don't judge.  We had one last night with grilled veggies (and by grilled... I mean grilled on the panini maker.  It's too hot to go outside.)

So, since we love food so much, all I can think about are the fun themed things I can make this weekend due to the Fourth.  I get to put flags on things and stars everywhere and no one will think less of me. 

I thought I'd come up with a sample menu for an entire day, centered around the Fourth.  Mainly because I might need a menu.  Helpy me to Helpy you.

I would start off the day with Patriotic Pancakes or Waffles!  Nothing says Good Morning AMERICA like a thick, slightly crispy waffle, with butter, chopped strawberries, blueberries, a little powdered sugar and some fresh syrup.  With Bacon.  And OJ.  Completely balanced meal if you ask me.


As many of us will be eating outside, on a boat, at a picnic, or me, where it's nice and air conditioned indoors, we'll want something light so we can chow down on something grilled for dinner.  How about a cold pasta salad or a fresh summery tomato/mozz/basil ciabatta?



Snacks... pre- dinner:

I found this really fun idea that would be fun to put out mid afternoon as a light (and healthy) snack.  Plus, if you had some red, white and blue drink holders, you'd be good to go.

Serve with a big bowl of ranch dip.  How cute are those mini carrots?  I bet they are found at Whole Foods... which Shreveport does not have.  Sad.  I'll check my local Brookshires.  And cross my fingers.


What is more American than a hot dog?  What about a twist on a hot dog... and serve pulled pork on a hot dog bun? You could have it cooking all day and make the house smell SO GOOD! 


I could go crazy on this one but I'll try to keep it to 2 ideas...

For the kids: (who am I kidding... I would love one of these)

And I HAVE to post an apple pie... as it just screams America!  (serve with Blue Bell Vanilla Bean.  The best ice cream on the planet.)  The stick a flag toothpick in the center.  Do it.

I would love to know what fun things you plan on making this weekend!  Tomorrow... I'll show some fun crafts for making your house look extra patriotic.