The French Debate...

Let me start with something unrelated.

Have you seen the new show coming out on TLC centered around bringing soldiers home and surprising their families?  The commercial needs to stop, as I cry as soon as it comes on.  Only problem, is that Billy Ray Cyrus is a host.  Not who I would have picked.  I still cry though.  I'm watching a marathon of 19 kids and Counting (Love that show..) and they've shown that commercial so many times I've had to get up and get some kleenex.  Ugh.

Ok, back to my current French debate.

What kind of French chair should I get to go beside our fireplace?  (The kind I find on craigslist I hope...I wish I could fill my house with finds on Criagslist.)

Option 1:

via The Bella Cottage 

Option 2: Petite cane back chairs-
via Maple and Magnolia  (check out this blog... yet another reason for me to want to move to Canada.  Why are people there so cool?)

Option 3: (My favorite... looks so comfy!)

via Craigslit.  There's only one.  Should I go for it?  It's perfect.  Ugghhh.
I'm searching for a bargain (of course).  I just can't spend $400 for a chair that will more than likely just sit there looking pretty.  Plus... I have so much fun searching for a find. 

I have readers all over the country.  Don't worry.  I'm searching your local Craigslist too.  If I find the perfect chairs, you might just get a call from me.  I'll shop for you... just let me know what you're looking for! 

PS - I'm redoing our fireplace this weekend.  Here's the before:

Ignore the half done paint job.  We're finishing that this weekend too.
Can't wait to show an AFTER picture.  Those are my favorite. 

We finally got some rain in Shreveport.  Thank goodness!  If you're wondering how humid it is here... it's about 200% humidity.  My hair looks awesome.



Three Pink Dots said...

The CL one is my vote, it's to die for. Loves it. Looks so comfy too! I don't care that there aren't two... it can sit in it's own corner by it's self with a cute little marble table.

B.Teel said...

Maybe I should go "check" out the CL chair! Let me know.
Love, your personal shopper

Anonymous said...

Put the CL and the Bella on the other...or whatever you can "lift" at your mother's house. She's got SO many chairs she'll never miss one...or two...or three! Really, you'll be doing her a favor in her 12-step program.

Love you, Auntie