Estate Sale to remember...

Saturday.  Was.  So.  Great.

We got up rather early... for us.  I had told Stephen that there was an estate sale I had heard about, that we HAD to go to before we started working on the house.

So he was sweet... and took me.

We started here, so he would have his estate sale shopping energy.

The estate sale was in a house that was to be torn down, in a beautiful neighborhood in Shreveport.  We walked in, and it was like stepping back to the 1960's.  Check out the front door.

I LOVE the wallpaper.  I LOVE the door.  I LOVE the window above the door. 

This was the formal dining room.  Amazing floor to ceiling window treatments with green embroidery on each panel.  Robins egg blue walls.  Gold mirror and the most amazing chandelier (no picture... but it's in my mind still)

This wallpaper was in the kitchen.  Just on one wall.  So awesome.

  One of the bathrooms.  Again, Love the wallpaper.

Loved it so much that when I saw another girl tear some off the wall.  I did the same.  (Explaining that one to Stephen was fun.  "What are you going to do with that?"  Duh... frame it.)

Looking from bathroom into one of the bathrooms.  Pink Walls.  Yes.

I'm kicking myself for not asking if I can buy these.  Of course I could have.  If I could tear wallpaper off the walls, I could have had these.  I know I know.  I'm stupid.

This lady loved wallpaper.  And I love her.  Whoever she was.

Pink Bamboo wallpaper.  Yes please.

And then Stephen spotted this.  Our china. 

Yes, we put a bid on it and won!  We're so excited to have 4 vintage mottahedeh cup and saucers.  Done and Done.

Stephen found a TON of records that are in MINT condition.  I've never seen records of this age in this good of condition.  And I won't even tell you how great of a deal they were.  Deal with a capital D.

We found the most gorgeous artwork, right as we walked in.  We went into our estate sale mode.  I went and got a pen.   Stephen stood by the art.  I marked it sold.  We were both dying that we got it.  There were a ton of people wanting it... they just don't know the "mark sold" and move on... move.

So after we finished the sale... which we got a ton of fun finds... we headed out to our car basically skipping (me, not Stephen). 

One problem.

The art didn't fit in the volvo. 

So we started making calls.  I was distracted by the neighbors house we were in front of.  Doesn't it scream Louisiana?  I love it.

Kevin, my manager came to the rescue.  Luckily, Shreveport isn't very big... so he came and rescued us in his SUV.  Stephen and I have both decided we need to buy one.  For all my estate sale finds.

All in all, it was a great day.  We had the best time finding fun things at the estate sale and working around the house.  I was so inspired by the decor at the estate sale that I wanted to go home and wallpaper every wall.

But since all we do is REMOVE wallpaper from our house... I decided Stephen wouldn't go for that.  But gosh, I could really use some pink bamboo wallpaper somewhere.  Seriously.



Anonymous said...

Sari, my heart filled with joy as I read your blog. It made me happy on so many levels.

1- You are your mother. You have picked up her mantle of creating a home, a haven.

2- You are Polly. Girl, you know how to work an estate sale!

3- You have Stephen. Being your mother and grandmother is made more meaningful and fulfilling because God placed Stephen in your life. It has been a joy to see you and Stephen delight in making a home together.

4- You remind me of me. Watching you tear wallpaper off a wall is so me. Just ask your mother. How many times have I totally embarrassed her and given her a panic attack that we were going to "get caught". My most fun times with your mother was dodging the getting caught so that we could copy a decorating idea! i love how you take me down memory lane of the early years...so excited over every little find and what joy it was. Now I get to live life through you. Thank you for blogging!

Love you, Auntie

Joi said...

Holy cow! I am in love with that home. The wallpaper, pulls, artwork = heaven! Thanks for sharing! : )