Wedding Pics Preview from Chelsea Beck Photography...

Here's a little picture preview of our wedding from Chelsea Beck Photography!  Can't wait for the full disc of images.  So many pics I can't wait to see! 


I know I look mad in this picture.. but that is just how I do a "serious face"... I need to work on that.  But kind of cool because you're not sure what year this was taken!  Very vintage ;)

My bouquet I made... with the help of many friends and family donating their broaches!  I love that my bouquet will never die ;)



Jax said...

I love your bouquet! And girlie.. you looked so beautiful! I am so happy for you! Missing you here in T town!

Kaylyn said...

These are so so great!

I have been to a LOT of weddings & hands down - prettiest bouquet & such a creative wedding invitation.

You Teel gals sure do know how to throw a wedding!!