Sites around Shreveport...

Stephen and I went around to take some shots around Shreveport last weekend.  Unfortunately, the sun was not out, but I think we got some cool shots.

This is one of my (ok, my favorite) house in Shreveport.  It's in a historic area and it just screams Great Expectations to me.  Maybe someday we can own it.  A girl can dream.  I love the blue hue on the outside and the mossy roof.

A sweet bird the posed for me while in an older part of town... isn't he sweet?

An old coke sign on the building of Monjuni's, a great place for Italian!

Herby-K's is a famous place in Shreveport, which has been around since the 30's.
We found this really quaint cemetery, all of the grave sites were of Italian families.  Really old and really beautiful.

Stephen stole this picture of me while out finding spots.  A-La-Natural!
I want to go out and take shots every week, so I can get better at finding neat spots to take pictures, and to show this city in a different light.  There are some really beautiful areas, and I want to show them! 

Happy weekend!