Catching up... Easter

I'm trying to catch up on all the things that have been going on... and I wanted to share a few photos from our Easter trip to the Lake, to visit Granny and PawPaw Wheeler. 

The lake is about 2.5 hours from Shreveport, near Hemphill Texas, on lake Toledo Bend.  Granny and PawPaw have lived there for some time now, and this is where we hold the Fling Family Reunion (coming up June 10-12!) 

We had much to celebrate this Easter:

Jacob and Whitney got engaged!!!!!!!

We're so excited for them, and can't wait for the celebration June 2012!

Jentry brought her sweet Lab/Beagle puppy ;)  Adorable... and very good at the "sit and take a picture!" command.

Granny and PawPaw were so sweet to host us.  We had a wonderful lunch of fried catfish, slaw and hush puppies.  I loved the laid back day, just enjoying being together.  We spent most of the day out on the back porch.  I was glad it's not too humid yet! 

Uncle Ron sold me his super duper zoom lens, which I took many of these photos with.  I love the feel a close up picture gives  us.  It makes the image so much more intimate, and interesting.  Makes you feel that you are sitting next to that person.

Silly Stephen...

This was my first Easter to spend away from my family in Tulsa, which was hard to do, but with such a loving family here in Louisiana, it made it a lot easier.  Dividing our time is so hard, but we are getting used to it.  I am one blessed girl to have such a wonderful support system on both sides.   Very blessed!