A few fun things...

I don't have a theme to this post.  Just silly things really.
The weather here in Shreveport has been so nice.  I went on a nature walk by myself this week in our neighborhood and took some shots with my new camera.  I LOVE this flowering bush.  I love the color!


Had a great time going to listen to Jacob play before he moved to Nashville.  I love that ap on Stephen's phone.  Hipstomatic.  Makes for some fun pictures ;)

 Stephen and I were pictured in the Shreveport Times with Chancellor Robert Barish and his sweet wife Jenny.  We had attended an Oscar Watch party at the Robinson Film Center. It was a really fun night.  The Robinson is an amazing asset to Shreveport.  It's a great place to watch independent films that towns of our size don't normally get to see.  I call those movies "beautiful movies".  (Shout out Shannon)
  I love Stephen's glasses, btw.  He's so cute.  I love him.  I think I'll marry him.

And this pic I just love... My sister took it of me before my shower... with my wedding bouquet.  I can't wait to walk down the aisle with it!

It's been a fun month ;)  More to come tomorrow!



Missy Rose said...

oh so fun! LOVE that pic of you at the bottom. please post more pics of that bouquet!! you are so creative and it's just. so. you. never seen anything like it before in my life!