Bedroom Re-do

Well, as if I didn't have any planning to do... we've decided to start thinking about the master bedroom in our soon to be house together, so that when we're married, the room will be fresh and new and perfect for us to start our new marriage!

I've put together some inspiration photos.  We want something cozy, comfortable and classic.

I love this room.  I've always loved blue and brown (shout out Dallas apartment with Sasha and Shannon)... but this room has everything we're looking for.  Mirrored side tables (modern) pair with the classic bedding and a fabulous upholstered headboard.  I also love the little bench at the end of the bed.  Darl-ling.

Now, if you added a huge puffy down comforter at the end of this bed, you'd have a perfect bed.  I love that I wouldn't have to karate chop pillows every morning, I could just stack them.  I love that.  (sidenote:  Mom- is this not exactly the same bedskirt you made for my blue and brown room?)

I love: scalloped edge to the duvet... the scroll bench at the end of the bed... and the feminine floral on the headboard.  I love how bright it is too. 

Ok, I know what you might be thinking.  That's a lot of Toile.  Well, kids, that is what we have in the room already!  It's 4 walls of Toile.  Blue Toile.  And unless we find the magic answer to wallpaper removal, we might just stick with it for now.  So, I found this image as inspiration for us, should we keep the blasted wallpaper.  Wallpaper that to some, is "Easy on the eyes" (says Stephen's Paw Paw) 

I also love the loveseat at the end of the bed.  Mainly because I have 2 matching loveseats that will soon find their new home at a storage unit until we have a bigger house to hold them. But this room might be the saving grace to one loveseat.  I also love the big armoire. 

So that's where we're at.  I'm trying to see what we can find, do, redo, paint and upholster.  I'm looking for some good headboard ideas, and I'd love to upholster a headboard.  And monogram it.  Oh wait, that would be going overboard. 

Then again, I am in the South.  Monogramming is a way of life.

Love it!



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