We love Jamie Oliver...

New Years eve was low key this year.  I'm not sure if it was that we were worn out from all our activity, or if I just didn't want to go further than 10 feet from watching Lost episodes, but we decided to cook from one of our new cookbooks.

Stephen got the Italian cookbook by Jamie Oliver, from my parents for Christmas.  We love watching his show, and how comfortable he is with his food prep.  His pairings are sometimes really different, but really "brilliant" as he would say.

Here's what we fixed:

Our final presentation was a little different, as we added shrimp, but the dish is basically an almond and tomato pesto with linguine.  Almond you say?  Yes.  I was a little weirded out by it as well.

We seasoned some shrimp and got those going while we made the pesto.  We spread them out on a baking sheet with various seasonings (whatever you like really... but we use this roasted red pepper and garlic seasoning that I got from the Jenks Riverside Trading company in Tulsa.  Addicted.  We put it on everything.  Bread.  Asparagus.  And now, Shrimp.

Then, got out my Cuisinart. Circa 1982.  But I love it.  It works!

(and I started boiling the water for the pasta)

Roasted some almonds to make them extra buttery and soft for grinding up.

 In the food processor, we used a little butter, the almonds, garlic (not pictured), fresh grated Parmesan cheese (not pictured) and two whole tomatoes.  We intended to throw some capers and lemon juice in at the end.  Didn't happen.  But they make the picture look better.

Action shot.

Here's the finished pesto

Drain pasta by just pulling out with tongs.  Keeps some of the pasta water with it to make it easier to toss with the pesto.

Toss pasta with pesto

I really recommend this cookbook.  The pictures are amazing and the dishes look so yummy!  Ours turned out really well.  I'll write out the recipe when I get home tonight and post it for you, if you're interested. 



Missy Rose said...

omigoodness! looks delish! i need to take pics of marc when he's cooking; he looks like a pro, and of course i'd have to get pics of him shopping at whole foods since that's part of the process. i totally want this book now, and i'm reminded that i need a new food processor.

Brian and Kambry said...

Sarah! Delicious looking dinner and I love Jamie Oliver -- he is really 'brilliant', as all the locals say, isn't he? I love watching his TV show here. I love your blog, too! Best wishes on your upcoming wedding! love, Kambry