To market to market...

This last weekend, I went to market with my mom, sister, best friend, and her mother. It was so much fun! 

Anna, Sasha, Sister, me and Mom
We were able to shop for wedding stuff, houses and just have some fun girl time together.  We must have walked 20 miles in our cute little flats, which was great for my wedding workout.  I'm still sore.  Market is so big!

We were able to have dinner with one of our dearest friends, Linda.  She is just the most precious and classic woman I know.

Linda and my mom
We also got a surprise visit from Kerri!

Kerri and her sweet fiance Colin with sister in the middle.  Cute cute cute.

Could she be more fashionable?  Love the bag, love the shoes, love every bit of her!
I thought I would show you some fun finds from market.  I tell you what is trending right now:
1. Lanterns

2. Anything Equestrian

My sister found this horse head... message me if you want a source!
3. Vintage Garden... which I love!

Boxwoods are everywhere... the preserved kind that is a little outside of my budget!  I will be trying to preseve my own.  Wait, no, I don't have time to do that!

Lanterns and vintage garden in one pic!

We had a great time, including some spur of the moment dance parties in the artwork showroom:

And my first ever taste of cotton candy.  Yes, I'm 28 and I've never had it.  So sue me.  Honestly, I wasn't missing anything.  It had the texture of a troll doll hair.  And kind of looked like it too.

All in all... it was a delicious weekend ;)



Missy Rose said...

how have you never had cotton candy?? that's hilarious! please keep teaching me about decorating through your blog. i need it. i need lanterns. i need you to decorate my house...or at least keep telling me what's trending so i can catch up to it 6 years later! love you, can't wait to see you SOON!!