My baby Draper...

I am the proud new owner of my very own Dorthy Draper Dresser!!!!!  For a whopping $95, I scored this chest from an estate sale, via my mother, who went and bought it in my absence. 

My Draper Dresser ready to come home to me!

Here are my inspirations:  (I'm not sure where we're going to use it, but I hope to keep it in it's original condition.  These babies are selling for $4,000 online!

I love this.  I love the headboard, the bedding, the dresser, the tulip lamp... everything.

I love estate sales.  They make me happy ;)



Three Pink Dots said...

I love your baby draper !! Maybe your baby and my draper could have playtime sometime next week?! ;)

Joi said...

Congrats to you! I love those dressers!