Happy Birthday Phenny


Opening presents after our dinner... I made pulled pork.  Yum ;)

I had gone and stolen baby pictures from his parents house.  This was of Stephen when they lived in Woodward, OK.  It's really windy there.  This was his favorite horse.  Such a cowboy ;)

Realizing he was 30, with the first of his 30 year old birthday themed cards.  Thanks mom!

I gave him three of the books he's collecting... we love adding to our library.  We're so much fun.

His favorite.  Strawn's Strawberry Pie.  SOOOO amazing!  And even better with candles!

His banner I made him for the mantle.  Thank you Martha.  I downloaded your template and it worked!

Oh my, it's almost gone... will we make it?  (at this point, his entire family was there... Parents, siblings, two aunts, grandmother, Mr. Terry, and a cousin.  So much fun!)

I also made lemon cream puffs.  I would take credit for the cream puffs but I bought them and then filled them with lemon curd.  So good! 

Exactly enough pie for the crowd!!!

The inside of the lemon cream puff...

Paula and Ryne

Such a good picture ;)

Touch noses!  (like our engagement session.  This is what she had us do a lot during our picture taking. 
I think it's so funny)

Jen and Kat.  They're so funny ;)

Success!  A fun birthday party!  Lots of happy plates!