Gorgeous Wedding Highlights...

Ben and Lauren's wedding was fabulous... and I'm happy to say we made it back to Shreveport in one piece.  Thank goodness the winter storm waited until after the wedding, but it was a blizzard getting home!  Very scary!  Anyway, here are some highlights ;)

Whiteny and Lauren... Not twins, but sure do look like it! 

Flower girl... so adorable

Bridesmaids luncheon.  I will be duplicating these at some point.  Wheat bread, cream cheese, cucumber, and red bell peppers.  Yum!

The card she had made of all her bridesmaids.  So adorable.  She found the girl on etsy.  Of course!

My cupcake queen

It was the best cupcake I've had in a while.  And you know how picky I am...

Some of the houseparty, and bridesmaids

The band.  The big guy was apparently on American Idol in 2005.  I need to confirm.  The other two chicks sure did love to put in their ear pieces.  And the girl on the right sure did like her SHORT dress and lace leggings. Oh my.


I think the cake was taller than me.  Also note the tiny tikes table by the dance floor.  Full of coloring books.  ;)

Cake cutting at it's finest

One and only pic of me at the wedding.  I was having too much fun taking pictures! 

Buckets with fun things to wave at the bride and groom as they left

Inside:  Cake ball.  Red velvet of course, to match the theme.

All mirrors in the country club had their monogram on it.  Such a fun idea!

When the Saints... so fun ;)
Had a great weekend!  3 months from yesterday is OUR big day.  I need to (as my  mom would say) Get on the stick.  What does that mean anyway?  I need to get on the laptop and phone.



Missy Rose said...

omigoodness; you sure go to some fancy weddings. i have NEVER been sent home with an individually wrapped cake ball - a travesty for sure!