Discover Shreveport: Our favorite Italian food

I discovered that I might be the only blogger in Shreveport.  Well, I'm sure that's not the case, but after searching and googling, I can't find anyone other than photographers.  Am I all alone in this big blog world in the south? 

I decided that if I'm the only blogger here, I need to do my job.  I'll just have to report on all the fabulous things to do in this fabulous city! 

I decided to start with our favorite hot spots.  Food spots that is.  We like to eat.

Ristorante Giuseppe on Line avenue
Giuseppe's is one of our favorites.  There is this great area in our neighborhood, which includes our grocery store, starbucks, a great hardware store, Tuesday Morning, and lots of other great little shops. 

Chef Guiseppe

Chef Guiseppe's journey is one you normally find in much larger cities.  He started as a young boy, at the age of 13, graduating from culinary school in Sicily, attending Milan, then found himself in Zurich and then to Shreveport.  I know what you're thinking. Why Shreveport?  Why not?

This restaurant is quiet, full of locals, and serves up some of the best Italian cuisine in Shreveport.  They serve fresh made breads, pastas and fabulous desserts.  Their kitchen is open and located in the main dining room.  The kitchen is bright, clean, and very quiet.  You can watch them create your meal, if you wanted.  There are so many great items on the menu, it's hard to recommend one. 

Next time I go, I want to order the Involtino Di Polo... Prosciutto and parmigiano stuffed chicken (say it like Giada now...) 

This is the dessert I had last time,

but lets talk about Raviolo Di Nutella.  Fried nutella (oh ya) with strawberry gelato.  I can think of nothing more perfect.

So, definitely check out Guiseppe's if you're new to Shreveport.  Because, if you're not new, you already have this place on your favorites list ;)