Big Holiday...

As I start a new work week, in a new year... in a new city (relatively) with an approaching new chapter of my life, I am so thankful to be in the family I am in.  The family of God, and the family He has placed me in, on this beautiful earth.  I am so thankful for my fiance, who was made for me, and to have met him when I did.  I am so thankful for my beautiful friends and I am so thankful for those who I call family, but have no blood relation ;)

This last weekend was full of Lost episodes, wedding planning, baking, cooking, drooling over new cookbooks, taking down Christmas decorations, and hanging curtains.  I thought last night, as I closed up the last tub of ornaments and Christmas wrap, that the next time I open those tubs, I will be married.  That's so crazy!  I bought a new needlepoint stocking for myself to match Stephen's from his childhood, and I'm already ready to monogram it with my name, so I can match. 

This new year, I have a lot to do.  Well, I have a lot to do before April 9th.  I finally got my save the dates out.  Now on to all the other super time sensitive decisions that need to be made!  I find myself getting stuck on the little details and not thinking big picture.  I hope to really put my head down and plan this week.

On a brighter note ;)  Here are our two new lamps for the dining room.  Aren't they gor-geous?  I will not reveal my source.  Ok, it rhymes with Smarshalls.

Did I tell you about my Christmas present from Stephen?

You can thank him for all the lovely pictures you will see on this blog.  I've decided I'm almost as good as a professional.  Almost.  I'm working on my stance.

I hope your new year is a off to a roaring start.  2011.  I can't believe it.



Stacy and Jason said...

I just simply love it all! Wish I had those lamps!

Missy Rose said...

please come decorate my house! ok ok need to go to smarshalls. and i ADORE that wall paper!!

jennp said...

Please come decorate my house too! Your save the dates are so cute!

Jason and Angela said...

We got the same camera! Love it, Love your blog and Love you!