Christmas highlights

I can't believe Christmas is over!  Well, we still get to celebrate with the Bakers, so I guess its not over for us until next Monday... BUT STILL, it's just another reminder that our wedding is getting closer!  I'm so excited!

I will leave you with some highlights of this last weekend and then go into  more detail this week.  I got a fabulous new camera from Stephen (I will blog about THAT later.  I'm still passed out from the shock) and my sister got a puppy (which you'll see in pics below).  We had a fried Christmas with my family (we fried anything and everything) and we had a great time! 

The countdown begins for me this week.  I have a little over 3 months and a ton to do!  But we can do it.  I just know it.  Must.Get.Organized.

No, we're not going to get a puppy now.  But they sure are cute to hold while sleeping!!!!

Hi.  My name is Bo.  I have sad eyes because I'm constantly sleepy.  Until I see your toes.  And then I get excited and want to eat them.


Grandma, you were supposed to do something silly.  "I did!"  (she didn't change her expression in any picture).  She's so cute.

Lauren and Tate's gift to Josh.  Just a normal coffee mug.  "You've been mugged"

Cookoo... cookoo...

I got dad the wrong size t-shirt... but luckily, he was able to show off his muscles and defeat others around him.

Stephen's famous fried chicken

Teel family fried Christmas 2010 - "Fryapalooza"


I need some Sparkle...

On Friday morning, Stephen and I will load the car and head to Oklahoma for Christmas!  We're excited to see family and spend some time with my sister and her husband and see some of my closest friends!  We have big plans for Christmas, and I can't wait for the surprises and the new traditions.

I realized this year, I was really off my game on holiday decor.  I have a tree up, and a few items on the mantle, but THAT IS IT!  I feel so bad for Stephen.  I am just not settled and all my boxes aren't here yet, so I'm not 100% yet.  My family sure is 100% in to the holiday decor.  My mom did such a good job at Thanksgiving.  (Pictures below)  You should see Stephen's mom's mantle for Christmas.  SO pretty!  I wish I had a picture.  She has the most precious stocking with my name on it.  I almost cried...

Here's my mom's house at Thanksgiving.  She channeled Nell Hill (see website here), her favorite decorator and wonderful, sweet woman.

I can't wait to see her decorations for Christmas!  I know it will be over the top. 

My sister (who has a fabulous blog) blogged about her Christmas decor, and you really should see it.  So festive! 

Please go visit her blog if you haven't already.  She's done such a good job decorating her new home for Christmas.  Click here for her blog... Which is called Three Pink Dots.  So cute.

My best friend (who has more creativity in her little pinkie than I do in my entire body) just hosted a small gathering at her home, and her decorations are so sparkly and magical.  I can't wait to see them in person when I go home!

Sasah Malchi is the owner of Guest Events in Tulsa (book her for your next holiday party, birthday party or wedding!)  She's so talented, and creates the most beautiful things.

My mom was kind enough to send me some pictures of Sasha's house since I'm not there yet.  I can't wait for next year, as I have these pictures to inspire my own holiday decor here in Shreveport ;)

So much inspiration around me.  I can't wait to be surrounded by these women here in just a few days!  I'm parched and need some creativity juice ;)



I love... New Orleans

Last weekend, Stephen and I went to New Orleans to take our engagement pictures!  I don't have the pictures back from the super cool photographer that we used, but here's the teaser she gave us... which I just LOVE!

It was so fun to walk through the French Quarter and stop in front of fun restaurants, cute book stores, fun little streets and take pictures.  For an hour, I got to be silly, kiss, hug and hold hands with my Phen.  And document it!  So much fun!

Check out our photographer if you're in New Orleans. She was great.  Her name is Maile Lani. 


We dodged the rain and cold weather too.  Until Sunday.  Man did it get cold in NOLA.  We didn't bring our coats either.  Silly of us.

On Sunday, we shopped around for a little bit before we drove back.  We found this really old, vintage book store, with an attic full of old records.

Me, trying to be cool like all the record taking engagement pictures... I failed.
 On our way home to Shreveport, we stopped in Baton Rouge and I got to see LSU for the first time, and meet Mike the Tiger at LSU!  So much fun!

Stephen walking through the corridors of where he went to school!  So much fun to imagine him here ;)

the stadium... through a hole in the fence.

me and the bronze Mike

He's on campus!

I can't wait to post more pictures for you from our engagement session.  In 5-6 weeks!  I'll just die waiting.



Thankful for Thanksmas

I have now been indoctrinated into Thanksmas. 

Thanksmas, definition, "A Fling (Stephen's great grandparent) family tradition dating back many many years, when all gather from all parts of the country, to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together."  Such a fun trandition.

This year, we went to Hot Springs.  This is where we stayed on Lake Hamilton.

We had 2 houses here in Paradise Cove, both three stories, with three balconies, a dock, huge bedrooms, amazing bathrooms and enough beds/aero beds for all 30 people.  There was an island in the kitchen that had snack foods on it at all times... and a constant flow of activities.

One big game of Cranium with all the cousins

Coloring with Colbie and a competitive game of spades behind me

Breakfast was a full production omelet bar and really yummy biscuits. I woke up to the smell of biscuits and bacon.  Such a wonderful thing.

Someone in this picture was eating the scrappings from leftover omelets that stayed on the skillet.  I won't say who.
Omelet, check.  Clothing to cover all Dallas major sports teams, check.
PS- That Alberts Salsa is the best.

I've got to invest in some fun Christmas pj pants for next year.  I was so not with the program this year.

We left Saturday around lunch and headed to downtown Hot Springs.  All the men went and played golf (except Stephen.  Due to the fact that my wedding dress took precedence over golf clubs in the packing order)  I think he had more fun with me shopping.  I'm way more fun than golf.

We met up with all the ladies for lunch at the Arlington Hotel (historic).  It was gorgeous!

Stephen with all the ladies.  He's such a good catch.

Me, Paula and Stephen... I really liked the wall behind us.  It was turquoise.  Unfortunately, it was behind a lady doing a book signing and she thought we were wanting a picture with her.  No.  Just us and the wall please.  I kind of look like I have a headdress on.

While we were out shopping, we stumbled upon a natural HOT spring.  It really was hot.  Like 140 degrees or something. 

That night, we went back for Steaks, baked potatoes, an amazing pear and feta salad and a group game of bingo. 
Papa preparing the steaks for all 37 people (we had some visitors that night)

Stephen bought me 7 bingo cards ($1 each).  The money goes to help pay for prizes next year.  We had visa gift cards, and all sorts of fun things to win!  We also had a silent auction of really fun Christmas decor and gifts.  I was outbid.  But not next year.  I will have my game face on.
It was a really fun time, even though the drive from Tulsa was VERY curvy.  And we got lost twice due to garmin messing up.  I'm so glad we were able to spend this weekend with all our family and make so many fun memories!  It will take a lot to top it next year!
My hair looks short in the picture!  I didn't cut it though.  Not yet at least.  I'm dying to cut it.  Stephen said it actually looked like a real pony tail last night.  And made a horse noise.  I guess that means it's time to cut.  Ha.  ;)