Yesterday I went with my new friend Jen and her daughter to the cutest little cupcake bakery here in Shreveport.  I'm pretty picky with my cupcakes, and I LOVED my wedding cake flavored cuppie (it's only appropriate).

Buttercups in Bellmead shopping center

I was so excited to see their set up (as I had once wanted to open my own little cupcake place).  I loved the simple display and their homemade frostings.  They have flavors like Pumpkin spice, gingerbread (both for the season), wedding cake, red velvet, banana pudding, peanut butter and the usual chocolate and vanilla. 

Yes, those are cakeballs
And then I spotted the cakeballs.  I'll take two please!  The chocolate one was MINT chocolate (favorite) and the white one was wedding cake (I can't get enough).

We loved sitting and chatting and getting to know this cute little spot.  Very quaint and the perfect place for a girls day out.  I'm already working on my mint chocolate cake ball recipe! 



A very fun weekend...

Saturday was our one year anniversary.  (big smile) 

We started our day with a trip to Starbucks (not for me...) but I did get the reduced fat raspberry coffee cake.  Yum.  I love anything with a crumbly topping.

We then went to this awesome estate sale (he told me I could do anything I wanted... and to estate sales we went!)  We walked in and immediately spotted an entire set of these really neat books.
At the time, we didn't know what they were, but we knew that an entire set of anything, for a small amount of money, is a deal.  We also knew that they would look awesome in our library.  So, Stephen stood watch (fending off other estate sale dealers) and I went and got a sign that said SOLD - BAKER.

75 books later, and one trip to the ATM (they only take cash), we were in the car and on our way.  Stephen started searching the name of the set of books, and low and behold, we had a find.  We had first editions, from 1909.  In his best Antiques Road Show voice, he quoted the price he found online.  "The given value of these very rare books, when in a complete set, including the subsequent editions (which we had), can range anywhere from.... (he also made the ding sound they do on Antiques Roadshow)... $1000- $5000"  Yay! 

I don't know if you can see it, but just below the title, there is a space that says No. 492.  Well, each book is HAND numbered.  Can you believe that?  So cool.  Find us on the next Roadshow.

We then went to a few more antique shops, and estate sales.  We had the best time.  I bought some fun little things.  We celebrated our good finds over sushi, at our favorite spot in town, Sushi Gen.

I then met Paula and Kat at the Sue Peyton's (bridal store).  I had found my dress but I needed at least one person's opinion!  I had so much fun trying it on for them and being able to buy my dress and veil and have it ready to take home for Thanksgiving!

Sue Peyton's - Shreveport
Anywho, after my very successful day, I went back home to Stephen's and got ready for our night out.  We had tickets to opening night at the Symphony!

We walked in and we might have been one of maybe 10 couples that were under 60.  It was really fun to see all the minks, bowties, and cute old couples attending the symphony in their very best.  We had a wonderful time, and even attended a private reception after, with the musicians and other supporters of the symphony.  It was so fun talking to the conductor, as well as other new faces.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend.  I'm looking forward to Saturday, as we're hoping to have a big garage sale!  All money goes toward our honeymoon.  Which, by the way, we need a destination.  Any ideas?



Where did October go?

I've been in Shreveport for one month. I can't believe it.  So much has happened since I got here!  I feel like I'm becoming more and more Southern by the day ;)  You should hear me talk.  I've got quite a drawl ya'll.  Just kidding. 

In just the last 2 weeks, we've done all sorts of fun things.  #1 on my list is of course, getting engaged.  Duh.

#2 was having my parents come visit.  I loved having them here!  I was able to show them around Shreveport, take them to Strawn's, The Red Door, my favorite antique shops, and church.  We had a "meet the parents" dinner party and had the Baker's over.  I love them and I love our families finally meeting! 

Dad and Bob Baker with his famous ribs.  They were awesome!

Sweet baby Ryno (Ryne) who isn't little anymore.  He had an I Love Tulsa pin on that he stole from Stephen.  So cute.  Who could resist that smile?

My table (eh) make shift table, since I can't fit 8 at our dinner party.  We had fun though!

The sweetest "Welcome to Shreveport" basket from Paula, Stephen's mom, to my parents.  So fun!

Another random thing we did this month, was walk over to Betty Virginia Park (2 blocks from his house).  Every year around this time, a local school hosts a "Shine on Line" in which local school children carve pumpkins and line them around the park.  At dusk, each child (with help from a parent) lights their pumpkin.  Then, about 1,000 people walk around the park viewing the pumpkins!

(Don't judge the humid hair look)

Look at that precious little pumpkin in the smocked number.

October was an amazing month.  I can't believe I'm here.  I can't believe I'm engaged.  To the most handsome boy in the South.

Can't wait to see what November brings!  ;)


Pick a Pumpkin...

Last weekend, Stephen and I went to look for wedding venues.  (I think we found the place!)  Anywho, as we were leaving one location, we passed an open field full of pumpkins.  A man yelled from his truck as we were getting in our car:  "Hey!  Want some free pumpkins?"

I've never picked a pumpkin straight from the vine.  But it was so fun!