Teel Style Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving at the Teel house has become a fun tradition for the Teel/Batchelor family.  Both sides come together at my parents house for amazing food, fun conversation, and even the occasional group activity game that no one wants to participate in.  Except a few of the kids.  And Dad.  God bless them all.

This was Stephen's first thanksgiving with the Teels.  I think he had a good time ;)  I didn't get a picture of his thanksgiving sandwich he had that night (imagine it.  All ingredients from Thanksgiving.  On a roll.  Toasted.  It was amazing)

Que song "She said yes, I said WOW, she said when?  I said how about right now" (I sang that all day...)

My mom and Stephen surprised me and hung the banner she made for my sister when she got engaged.  We had it up all day, so thanksgiving turned into a mini engagement party.  So fun.

Don't we just scream engaged?  I know. 

Turkey was amazing.  Stephen and I stuffed it with rosemary from the garden and various herbs and lemons.  We had fun in the kitchen and Stephen enjoyed the fruits of his labor in the form of Turkey skin.  His favorite. 

All in all, great holiday in Tulsa.  I was able to see two of my best friends too, which made it just perfect (why don't I have pictures!  I'm so mad about this right now). 

Fun fact discovered over the holiday.  Sasha, Sarah Stoesser and I will all be married in the month of April.  I love that.  We'll have to start a fun tradition of celebrating our anniversaries each year together. 

I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet cousin Cassidy.  She's so precious.  Love her! 

Even though she's almost as tall as me.  Uggh.  Another one passes me.  I should be used to this by now.

Up next... Baker Thanksmas in Hot Springs.  Yes, the water is HOT!