Sister Surprises

This last week was so much fun.  We started our holiday road trip by going to Tulsa.  We met with the pastor, met with the florist and even registered at William Sonoma.  Stephen and I both cook/bake so much that it's all we want for our wedding (since we can't register for furniture or our honeymoon expenses!)

We stopped off at the Stone Horse restaurant in Utica Square.  Can I say Fall was in all it's glory?
We had an amazing lunch eating outside before the storm hit that evening.  I enjoyed every second of it...

Here is Stephen doing his "I'm cool" look... with his pate...

My usual Margarita pizza.  Fav!

After lunch and registering, we headed to the china place in Tulsa.  As I was being introduced to their sampling of patterns... a familiar voice asked if a certain item came in pink.

It was Sissy!

We hadn't seen each other since her wedding, and I wasn't going to see her until Christmas.  Her and Tate drove in just to see me and spend the evening with us.  It was so nice to see my sissy.  (Notice we have on the same pants basically)  It's a sister thing.

She gave me a precious gift for my wedding planning.  A new clipboard, fun new magazine and a wedding book.  Love-it!

And we can't forget that dad got his new coffee maker.  He's one happy camper.  ;)  (Please note Turkey in picture so you know it's Thanksgiving).  Ha.

More to come from our Road trip Thanksgiving 2010! 



Jason and Angela said...

We registered for our honeymoon on Traveler's Joy and it was great! Quite a few of Jason's family members bought us things off of it and they cut you a check whenever you are ready for it. Definitely helped out!

Laura @ The Steen Style said...

Loved registering at Williams Sonoma!!! It was my favorite part...besides spending the gift cards and using the completion discount after the wedding. :)

So excited for you in Shreveport - check out Superior Mexican Grill. They have the best margaritas!! (we go there every time we're in town for work)