I need some Sparkle...

On Friday morning, Stephen and I will load the car and head to Oklahoma for Christmas!  We're excited to see family and spend some time with my sister and her husband and see some of my closest friends!  We have big plans for Christmas, and I can't wait for the surprises and the new traditions.

I realized this year, I was really off my game on holiday decor.  I have a tree up, and a few items on the mantle, but THAT IS IT!  I feel so bad for Stephen.  I am just not settled and all my boxes aren't here yet, so I'm not 100% yet.  My family sure is 100% in to the holiday decor.  My mom did such a good job at Thanksgiving.  (Pictures below)  You should see Stephen's mom's mantle for Christmas.  SO pretty!  I wish I had a picture.  She has the most precious stocking with my name on it.  I almost cried...

Here's my mom's house at Thanksgiving.  She channeled Nell Hill (see website here), her favorite decorator and wonderful, sweet woman.

I can't wait to see her decorations for Christmas!  I know it will be over the top. 

My sister (who has a fabulous blog) blogged about her Christmas decor, and you really should see it.  So festive! 

Please go visit her blog if you haven't already.  She's done such a good job decorating her new home for Christmas.  Click here for her blog... Which is called Three Pink Dots.  So cute.

My best friend (who has more creativity in her little pinkie than I do in my entire body) just hosted a small gathering at her home, and her decorations are so sparkly and magical.  I can't wait to see them in person when I go home!

Sasah Malchi is the owner of Guest Events in Tulsa (book her for your next holiday party, birthday party or wedding!)  She's so talented, and creates the most beautiful things.

My mom was kind enough to send me some pictures of Sasha's house since I'm not there yet.  I can't wait for next year, as I have these pictures to inspire my own holiday decor here in Shreveport ;)

So much inspiration around me.  I can't wait to be surrounded by these women here in just a few days!  I'm parched and need some creativity juice ;)



Missy Rose said...

um, hello with sasha's house?! she lives in a catalogue!

Missy Rose said...

hey you!! speaking of sparkle, look at the pic of Pinkitzel on my blog. YOU NEED to open a place like this in shreve!! http://oneforme.typepad.com/blog/2010/12/ten-days-of-christmas-day-9.html and here's their website: http://www.pinkitzel.com/ LOVE YOU!! happy new year lovely!