I love... New Orleans

Last weekend, Stephen and I went to New Orleans to take our engagement pictures!  I don't have the pictures back from the super cool photographer that we used, but here's the teaser she gave us... which I just LOVE!

It was so fun to walk through the French Quarter and stop in front of fun restaurants, cute book stores, fun little streets and take pictures.  For an hour, I got to be silly, kiss, hug and hold hands with my Phen.  And document it!  So much fun!

Check out our photographer if you're in New Orleans. She was great.  Her name is Maile Lani. 


We dodged the rain and cold weather too.  Until Sunday.  Man did it get cold in NOLA.  We didn't bring our coats either.  Silly of us.

On Sunday, we shopped around for a little bit before we drove back.  We found this really old, vintage book store, with an attic full of old records.

Me, trying to be cool like all the record taking engagement pictures... I failed.
 On our way home to Shreveport, we stopped in Baton Rouge and I got to see LSU for the first time, and meet Mike the Tiger at LSU!  So much fun!

Stephen walking through the corridors of where he went to school!  So much fun to imagine him here ;)

the stadium... through a hole in the fence.

me and the bronze Mike

He's on campus!

I can't wait to post more pictures for you from our engagement session.  In 5-6 weeks!  I'll just die waiting.



Missy Rose said...

you two are the cutest things ever!! i cannot WAIT to see more engagement pictures!