Christmas highlights

I can't believe Christmas is over!  Well, we still get to celebrate with the Bakers, so I guess its not over for us until next Monday... BUT STILL, it's just another reminder that our wedding is getting closer!  I'm so excited!

I will leave you with some highlights of this last weekend and then go into  more detail this week.  I got a fabulous new camera from Stephen (I will blog about THAT later.  I'm still passed out from the shock) and my sister got a puppy (which you'll see in pics below).  We had a fried Christmas with my family (we fried anything and everything) and we had a great time! 

The countdown begins for me this week.  I have a little over 3 months and a ton to do!  But we can do it.  I just know it.  Must.Get.Organized.

No, we're not going to get a puppy now.  But they sure are cute to hold while sleeping!!!!

Hi.  My name is Bo.  I have sad eyes because I'm constantly sleepy.  Until I see your toes.  And then I get excited and want to eat them.


Grandma, you were supposed to do something silly.  "I did!"  (she didn't change her expression in any picture).  She's so cute.

Lauren and Tate's gift to Josh.  Just a normal coffee mug.  "You've been mugged"

Cookoo... cookoo...

I got dad the wrong size t-shirt... but luckily, he was able to show off his muscles and defeat others around him.

Stephen's famous fried chicken

Teel family fried Christmas 2010 - "Fryapalooza"


Missy Rose said...

1. i want some of stephen's fried chicken. 2. i want to make t-shirts for family events (why didn't i think of that?!) 3. i LOVE the size of your dad's t-shirt. SO fitting for a FRYapalooza for it to be skin tight on him. hilarious!!