Where did October go?

I've been in Shreveport for one month. I can't believe it.  So much has happened since I got here!  I feel like I'm becoming more and more Southern by the day ;)  You should hear me talk.  I've got quite a drawl ya'll.  Just kidding. 

In just the last 2 weeks, we've done all sorts of fun things.  #1 on my list is of course, getting engaged.  Duh.

#2 was having my parents come visit.  I loved having them here!  I was able to show them around Shreveport, take them to Strawn's, The Red Door, my favorite antique shops, and church.  We had a "meet the parents" dinner party and had the Baker's over.  I love them and I love our families finally meeting! 

Dad and Bob Baker with his famous ribs.  They were awesome!

Sweet baby Ryno (Ryne) who isn't little anymore.  He had an I Love Tulsa pin on that he stole from Stephen.  So cute.  Who could resist that smile?

My table (eh) make shift table, since I can't fit 8 at our dinner party.  We had fun though!

The sweetest "Welcome to Shreveport" basket from Paula, Stephen's mom, to my parents.  So fun!

Another random thing we did this month, was walk over to Betty Virginia Park (2 blocks from his house).  Every year around this time, a local school hosts a "Shine on Line" in which local school children carve pumpkins and line them around the park.  At dusk, each child (with help from a parent) lights their pumpkin.  Then, about 1,000 people walk around the park viewing the pumpkins!

(Don't judge the humid hair look)

Look at that precious little pumpkin in the smocked number.

October was an amazing month.  I can't believe I'm here.  I can't believe I'm engaged.  To the most handsome boy in the South.

Can't wait to see what November brings!  ;)


jennp said...

I think October is going to be a tough month to beat!

Jason and Angela said...

I agree. Next April might be the next month that beats it. :)