The year was 1947...

The average cost of a house in 1947 was $6,600.  The average cost of a men's sweater was $8.50.  A lot has changed since then.

In 1947 a woman named Nell and her husband (who she called Red) built a house.  This house.

This home is now Stephen's home in Shreveport.  You may ask how we know about the former owners?  It's a really cool story. 

Nell was an 88 year old woman who had lost her husband 30 years ago.  She had no children and was living in her sweet little cottage until she passed away in a car accident last November.  When Stephen showed up after closing, the nephew had left everything but valuables in the home.  (That's what he thought!)  We were left with a house filled with memories, untold stories and even first edition books.

With every cabinet, closet or cubby, we learn a little more about Nell.  She led a very interesting life and I can't wait to learn more about her. 

This is my last day to get things done before starting my job tomorrow.  I'm going to decorate for Fall inside, and even get a mani and pedi, hopefully with Kat! (Stepehen's sister)


Missy Rose said...

oh my goodness!! what an adventure! PLEASE share all of your findings!!!!

Emmy said...

This is why we're sisters: I am also not afraid to admit that on every move or road trip, Bunny (who I've had since the beginning) is also tucked safely in the front seat seat belt or on my lap on a plane ride! There's no way he would EVER get checked and take a chance of loosing him!

Love you!