Welcome Wagon

It's funny how as soon as I came on the scene here, Stephen's neighbors have come out of the woodworks.  As we were working on the yard Saturday, people stopped by to talk and meet us.  Stephen said it was funny as many people hadn't said anything, but as soon as there is a cute girl on the scene, they show up ;)  I don't think it's true, but maybe it is.

Monday night, as we were fixing dinner, we had a knock on the door.  It was our next door neighbors (a husband and wife) who brought us some cookies.  The husband grew up in that house next door, as his parents had built the house.  It's a beautiful home, that is pretty large.  Apparently, it was two homes put together.  I'm sure there's a story there!

Back to the cookies, isn't that sweet?  They gave us their phone number and said they would watch the house any time we were gone.  She invited us over when their children came home next as she thought we were the same age as her children (who are just out of college). Ha!  Stephen thought that was funny.

We noticed that we have a new neighbor that just moved in across the street, so I want to take her something baked, like any proper southern woman would do.  What should I make? 


Missy Rose said...

oreo balls!! or s'more cupcakes (since it's YOUR blog, i won't call them what i normally do). love, you could bake anything and it would be a treat!!

Mrs. H. said...

Oh I love this blog! Makes me miss you even more!!!!!!!!! Missy is right htough, you could make ANYTHING and it would be AWE-SOME! How about an apple pie--that sounds so Southernish! ;)