Molly Bear and Mums

Dad - The Master Packer
So, this was me.  Well, my stuff.  I just want to show you what I get to do when packing a car.  Everything to driveway and then the selection begins. 

The one element of this picture that is almost embarrassing, yet, I am secure and will be the first to admit that I still sleep with my bear.  That I've had since I was born.  See Molly bear on my tub of shoes?  Yes, she is also now a resident of Shreveport.  She was lovingly packed in the front seat, as she has on every other move I've made.  She likes to be buckled in the front seat.  (Yes, I'm 28.)

Today was a very productive day.  I told you I was going to plant, and plant I did.  (but keep in mind, that the mums haven't opened up yet, so nothing looks too impressive.  But this is an improvement!)  I can't wait to plant more! 

Yellow Mum, pink and green coleus, seedum and kale


Missy Rose said...

GASP!!! i want some! i'm so glad you shared what plants you used. i'm totally inspired and desperately needing to do some fall gardening this weekend. promise to share my progress!