I have arrived

Well, I have made it to Shreveport! It was quite a day. I woke up and immediately started arranging my pile of crucial items that had to come to Shreveport. I was so worried that it wouldn't fit in my small sedan, but that's where dad comes in. He's a master packer. I was told to put all items on the driveway, and he went to work. 15 minutes later, I had a packed trunk and car! I even got in some extra things I didn't think I could get!

I finally hit the road at 1pm and I did not stop smiling until I made it to Stephen. Well, I didn't stop smiling then either.

Stephen has been sick for 5 days straight. He's finally getting better thanks to a zpack. It may just be me, but I think my arrival put him on the path to a quick recovery.

We went to a local mexican restaurant called Taco Mania when I got here. I was craving carnitas. Now we're home and having fun watching tv, and trying to decide what to do first tomorrow!

I'm going to decorate for Fall first. I'm thinking some fun fall pots :) and he's going to take me to buy some pumpkins. While we're out, I want some candy corn too. It's a must now that it's October. I can't believe it's October!