The day I said yes!

Ok, so now that you know I said yes, you need to know the FUN things I got to do before that moment!  Here's the timeline:

4:00 - I get off early on Fridays. Stephen had called and made an appointment early in the week for me to get a massage, mani and pedi. I know what you're thinking.  How did you not know that he was going to propose?  Well, he's super sweet and this would not be abnormal.  So, my instructions were to go, get pampered, then go home and get ready for a fun evening of dinner and a movie.  Here's how my massage started:
Mimosa.  Yes.

After my massage, I got a spa manicure and pedicure.  It was fabulous!  Stephen got me in at the Spa Concepts in Shreveport, which is an Aveda spa.  Love.
Pedicure - which was fabulous!
After my treatments, I (very relaxed) went home and got ready.  I was trying not to think anything, like "you might be getting engaged!" but it was kind of in the back of my mind.  (I would be lying... any girl would think something!  but I wasn't sure)

Stephen picked me up and he looked so nice.  (I learned later that he was wearing the same dress shirt that he wore on our first date. Which was under a sweater the first time, so I didn't notice it as much.  It was so sweet that he did that.  I on the other hand wore the dress I wore in my sister's wedding!  Who said you can't wear a dress twice.)

He took me to eat at this place called the Mabry house, which is a darling Victorian home with super gourmet french cuisine.  It's old and quiet and dimly lit.  We showed up and they had this on our table:

We had a wonderful dinner, which included the most amazing soup I've had (roasted tomato with Gouda), pecan chicken, and a decadent dessert, which was a raspberry torte with balsamic ice cream.  Yum!  We were both so full and I was told we would go home, change into comfy clothes and watch a movie.

There was another plan a brewing.

As we're pulling into the neighborhood, a firetruck pulls down one of our streets.  Stephen speeds up.  I told him, "why are you freaking out?  It can't be your house silly."  (I didn't know he had candles freely burning in his backyard!)

Well, we pull in the driveway (no fire!) and we start to walk inside.  As I'm waiting for him to turn off the alarm, I notice there is a glow coming from the backyard.  There were Christmas lights and 13 vases full of white flowers all over the backyard. (13 is our number... our first date was on the 13th, my birthday is on the 13th... he said I love you on the 13th, etc.)  He also had candles.... which were not catching the yard on fire.

He lead me to the backyard, where I had a present waiting.  It was packaged like a Tiffany box, but bigger.  We sat down at the table together as I opened my gift.  As we sat, he played music over his Bose stereo, which was so romantic.  (the weather was perfect.  Clear, no humidity and somewhere chilly for Shreveport!)

I opened my gift to find the most precious scrapbook that he had put together.  It has pictures from our first weekend together, to our first date, and all our fun times over the last year.  As I flipped to the last page, I found the last page to say "the proposal" and it was blank.  This is when he got down on one knee and proposed with the most beautiful ring. 

He of course said so many wonderful things, and I was so emotional!  He searched for a long time online to find a turquoise vintage ring box.  Isn't that the most perfect thing?  I love it!

We then toasted with champagne and danced in the backyard.  It was such a romantic evening and I still don't want to take down the Christmas lights! 

God has blessed me with this precious man and I am so happy to be the future Mrs. Baker.


Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

ahhhhh!!! i love it! such a preicous story and so sweet! i am sooo happy for you!!!! XOXO

amanda ramsey

Heather said...

How amazing! What a romantic and thoughtful husband to be. This is such a special event in any girls life and he certainly made the most of it. Beautiful story, beautiful couple, beautiful love. Best wishes!

Missy Rose said...

i'm crying. i'm crying.

Tanner and Lindsay Cooper said...

So sweet! Congrats to you and Stephen!