13 reasons why I love him

Today was our anniversary.  11 months of pure bliss.  I'm so cheesy.  Don't judge.

13 reasons why I love Phen.
He makes me smile.  So much.  This was on one of our date nights.  We will someday have a million pictures taken by ourselves, holding up our camera.  Sometimes we use the timer... when we remember.

I will come home and he will be working on the house.  I love that smile.  Gosh he's cute.

I love going to church with him (this is a picture of our church!)

I love going on dinner dates with him in Dallas.  This is us at Kenny's.  Eating his first popover.  He loved it ;)

Gosh that looks good.

 I love the silly faces he makes while driving and singing. 

Ok, I know he's not in this picture, BUT, these two kids are SO important to me. And Stephen loves them and loves going to visit them.  This was us at dinner.  Stephen and Bussi have so much in common.  And that sweet girl next to me is my little sis.  I hope they come visit us soon in Shreve!

I love his love of fried chicken.  And mashed potatoes. And pie.  This is us at Strawn's, a famous place in Shreveport.

I love that he goes with me to antique malls.  And plays with the bingo machine.  B 13!

I love that he goes with me to the fabric store and doesn't sit on the sofa the whole time.  And then takes my picture so I can blog about my weekend.

I love that I came home tonight and he was grilling steak.

And veggies.  Notice he put the cross marks on the steaks.  I couldn't make that happen if I tried.

I love that he bought me flowers today.  He is truly the sweetest man, who is always looking for ways to make me smile. 

And he never fails.


Missy Rose said...

i'm so so happy for you sarah-girl! you're the luckiest girl on the planet...well, i feel the same way about my marc, but you and phen have just always been each other's from the beginning of time. and i'm so very thankful for him, for you. and i want to know what a popover is. now. and i want one!

Mrs. H. said...

So...um yeah. My eyes are welling up with tears. Such a sweet post about such a sweet couple. I am so happy for you and Stephen. This is the start of something wonderful and I know with all of my heart that it will always continue to be that way. You both are blessed beyond measure.


I.MISS.YOU. boo. :(